The Social Graces Process is Different

Many people think that the only difference between dance studios is the price, the dances taught (Waltz, Cha cha, Swing, etc.), if the students liked the instructors, and if the dance was fun.

These, although important, ignore a very important element…  Unless you have been TEACHING dance for many years, you most likely do not know what you do not know.
For example, why would a student take dance lessons?

  • For the challenge?

  • To reconnect with their partner?

  • To have a fun way to lose weight?

  • To improve their mood through social interaction?

It’s not likely one wants to learn the Waltz to do the Waltz, it’s likely they want to learn the Waltz for the many benefits Waltz can give them:

  • Relaxation

  • Social interaction

  • Grace

  • Pose

  • etc.

For an instructor, the process of learning the wants of a student is just as important as understanding the elements of dance.  At Social Graces, we define the needs of a student, and then work to achieve those needs through their dance of choice.  We do this in a very fun logical way.

It’s this process that sets us apart!

To quote the owner Freddie Ciampi: 

“We don’t just give you information, we teach you how to think like a dancer and how to act in a social environment to enrich your quality of life.”

Here is our unique Signature System that allows us to take you from one step to the next in a fun, logical, easy to follow process:

As you can see, the signature process walks new Social Graces dancers through three main stages to make sure they are learning as efficiently as possible and still having a great time. The following three pages walk you through in more details.

If you are interested to find out how we move you from

The “Beginning”:

    • Where dance is new

    • You are learning how to learn

    • Not sure which music to use

    • Not sure how to hold your partner

To “Beyond”:

    • Where you understand which songs are used in which dances, even your favorite songs

    • You understand leading/following enough to show emotion through your hold

    • You can make your partner smile with ease

These pages are for you, and so is Social Graces Ballroom Dance Studio:

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.”

-Japanese Proverb

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