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If you’re new to the dance floor and don’t know where to begin, this free, no-obligation lesson is your perfect starting point. 

Most of our students have questioned whether they had the courage and confidence to give it a try. We’re here to assure you that you’ve got plenty of both, and we’re proud to offer you a complimentary private lesson so you can prove it to yourself.

Choose your favorite ballroom dance styles, or let us be your guide based on your musical preferences, and one of our dedicated ballroom instructors will tailor the experience to your comfort level.

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“You won't find a more encouraging, supportive community as you begin your dance journey than you will find here. Worth every penny! Just give it a try.”

The Many Benefits of Ballroom Dance

Get much more than you expect

While science has already proven the multitude of health benefits that dance can provide, our students will be the first to tell you that ballroom dancing at Social Graces Ballroom has been a game changer in so many other ways as well.

Here are our top five, but please read on to see what dancing with us can do for you!

Get more fun out of life

Our students often tell us that our studio has become their happy place. We make learning so much fun that some students schedule an extra lesson to wind down and relieve stress after a tough day at work.

Be recognized & admired for your dance skills

When you’ve got the moves, people notice. And that feels pretty amazing. Partnership dancing also builds character and social skills, and that means you’re benefiting from the finest social sport on the planet.

Increase your self-confidence

Knowledge is power, and the dance education you’ll get from our professional staff will significantly boost your self confidence in social situations - from learning the most up-to-date dance moves and styles to practicing them at our daily events.

Earn a sense of achievement

We teach in a very strategic, systematic way that even world-class athletes would appreciate and track your progress every step of the way. So you know how far you’ve come and how close you are to achieving your goals.

Get exercise

Okay, this one’s obvious, but the fact is that dance offers many proven ways to improve your physical and mental health. We can teach it as a light aerobic exercise or a strong core workout as you learn about body isolations. Either way, the best exercise is the type that you enjoy doing.

If you’re curious about dancing, but feeling a bit unsure or hesitant to make a commitment, you’re not alone — we understand. We’re so excited to embark on this ballroom dance journey with you. Let’s step into this wonderful world of dance together — you’ve got this!

freddie ciampi - owner social graces ballroom dance studio - berryville virginia

"People come in to Social Graces expecting just to learn ballroom dance. But we find they actually want to get closer to their partner through the art of couples dance."

The Social Graces Difference

Reasons to partner with us

Learn a skill that makes you special

Our ballroom dance studio’s instructional approach offers an unmatched combination of form, function, and fun that fosters personal growth and meaningful social interaction.

Communicate through connection

Our expert staff doesn’t just teach you how to dance — we teach you how to effectively communicate through partnership dance and enjoy the many benefits it brings.

Improve yourself
(or your sense of self)

Whatever your dance goals may be, know we are here to exceed your expectations and bring joy to your dance journey with our passion, patience, and professionalism.


Have questions?

Ballroom dance is a style of partner dance that combines elegance, grace, and rhythmic movement. It encompasses various dance forms including waltz, tango, foxtrot, cha-cha, and swing — each characterized by specific techniques and patterns.

Ballroom dance is celebrated for its ability to foster connection and communication between partners, making it both a social activity and a competitive sport. Whether performed in a social setting or on the competitive stage, ballroom dance offers a unique blend of artistry, athleticism, and cultural tradition.

No partner? No problem!

At Social Graces, you can jump right in solo. For private lessons, you’ll dance with our talented and friendly instructors. In our group classes, you’ll have the pleasure of dancing with fellow students — and our students are always eager to share the floor and welcome new faces. By the end of class, you’ll have plenty of new dance partners and a whole dance family ready to waltz, swing, and cha-cha with you.

Join us solo and leave with a host of new friends.

At Social Graces Ballroom Dance Studio, we focus on American style ballroom, which is highly social, relatively easy to perform and always exciting. We do, however, teach many different styles including the well-known East Coast and West Coast Swing, foxtrot, and waltz, and it is our pleasure to help you explore and learn whichever style or styles truly speak to you.

Here’s a full list and explanation of the styles we teach! Read more…

For the best dancing experience, we recommend wearing dancing shoes with non-slip suede soles. These allow you to glide smoothly across the floor while providing just the right amount of grip. When it comes to clothing, choose something comfortable and non-restrictive to ensure you can move freely.

While we don’t enforce a strict dress code, we encourage footwear and outfits that support your dancing efforts without causing any complications.

More detailed information on this topic can be found here.

We’re confident that after a few private lessons with our professional and passionate staff, you’ll be a true believer in the power of dance. Many of our students enjoy dancing so much, they make it a regular part of their social life by attending dance events regularly.

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