Benefits of Dance


Q: What are the benefits of taking dance with Social Graces Ballroom Dance Studio?

A: Taking partnership dance lessons can offer more benefits than one might initially realize, no really, just take a look.  Here are some benefits that we tell our students about and then turn around and ask which are most important to them.  (This helps us teach our students better and tailor the lessons to their specific goals.)  What benefits would you like to get from your dance lessons?

1.    More fun out of life:  Our students often share with us that although dance is only one part of their busy life, it is a part that is fun and easily created.  At Social Graces, our staff is trained to make the learning process fun.  We even have students who might schedule an extra lesson after a particularly hard day at work just to wind down for the day.

2.   Be recognized and admired for being a good dancer:  Yes, it feels good to be noticed. Partnership dance also carries with it a stigma of strong character and one who appreciates the social aspects of life.  We are proud to be building character and social skills along with teaching the finest social sport around: partnership dancing.

3.   Increased self-confidence:  We will teach you what to expect from a social situation as it pertains to partnership dance.  Not only will you learn the coolest, most up-to-date dance moves and styles, we provide you with a venue to practice at our many events that are offered almost daily.  Knowledge is power, coupled with practice and instruction from our professional staff your self confidence will grow as well.

4.   Sense of achievement:  We teach in a very organized systematic way that even the sports jock would appreciate.  We track your progress and show you what you are learning alone the way.  This gives our students a tremendous sense of achievement.

5.   Exercise :  Dance has many great ways to improve your physical and mental health.  We can teach it as a light aerobic exercise, or a strong core workout as you learn about body isolations.  At  Social Graces, we teach to your specific goals and needs.  Plus, the best exercise is the type that you enjoy doing.

6.   Relaxation:  As already mentioned, taking dance lessons can really help melt away the stress of work for a better night sleep.  Imagine putting your troubles at the door for one hour and then forgetting to pick them back up when you leave.  Let our professional staff help you relax just a bit.

7.   Expanding your social life:  We have many students of all ages and walks of life.  Not only will you meet people sharing a like-minded hobby (partnership dance), you will be learning a skill that is used all around the world in social environments.  We will basically teach you a skill that will help make you more personable, so the expansion of your social life will start to happen naturally.

8.   Acquire more grace and poise:  This will take time and should be a long term goal.  Grace will show in your interactions during daily life, and poise will help with the long term health benefits of carrying yourself well.  Yes, we can teach anyone how to move with grace – remember the systematic teaching mentioned earlier?  We apply that to all aspects of teaching.  Our professional staff is very accustomed to teaching everyone (even those who might feel clumsy) how to move with grace.  Come find out the secret.

9.   A hobby and/or interest:  We know that after a few private lessons with our staff you will be impressed with dance as a hobby and our presentation of it.  Many of our students enjoy dancing so much, they make it a regular part of their social life by attending dance events regularly.

10.  Impress a particular person or persons:  You might know someone that already knows how to dance.  Let us help you surprise them.  We have been in the business long enough to teach you some tricks of the trade to help our students impress those they are dancing with and those who are watching them dance.  You are sure to catch the eyes of that particular person – even if that person is already your husband or wife.

12.  Business requirements and necessity:  Sometimes business hold special events that include partnership dancing.  Knowing how to partnership dance is a sign of a strong character.  Let us know a little about the event and we can put you on the fast track to meeting your specific needs and goals.  We are efficient and will save you money.

13.  Be able to ask/accept to dance:  We can help on the road to the knowledge and self confidence that will make you comfortable with asking or accepting to dance.  We can teach you clues to look for that one may or may not take your offer to dance.  Imagine knowing that the person you are about to ask will likely say yes before you ever ask.  This knowledge can be very empowering.

14. Self-improvement: This comes in many ways, most of which are not even related to dance.  Enjoy discovering these, one example that many might not realize is in the subtle lessons of body mechanics that we teach.  We teach our students how to tuck their hips under their body to elevate lower back pressure and transferring it to the legs.  The back feels better and the legs get stronger.  Imagine washing the dishes as you stand in this way and not having back pain from leaning over…  How much self improvement would you like to have from taking dance lessons at Social Graces?

15.  To have a great dance teacher who can help me stay focused and learn to be all I can be:  Having someone to keep you accountable and on track is a great way to save time and money and know that you are headed in the correct direction.  Our organized way of teaching helps our students learn in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of effort.  We will keep you learning and having fun doing it.

This can be a great aid in maintaining a healthy relationship and a balanced life.

“Write your injuries in dust, your benefits in marble.”

-Benjamin Franklin

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